Brand Name: Lingding
Model Number: LDSW-11
Place of Origin: Shijiazhuang ,Hebei, China
Minimum Order Quantity: 10g
Payment Terms: western union , T/T, Moneygram
Supply Ability: 5000kg ,Wthin 30 days
Delivery Time: 7-15days
Packaging Details: 500g/bag ,1kg/bag, 25kg/bag


● CAS:2402-77-9
● Color: White powder
● EINECS No.:219-281-8
● MF:C5H3Cl2N
● Purity:99.0%min, 99%
● Application:Pesticide/pharmaceutical intermediates.

Product name 2,3-Dichloropyridine
CAS 2402-77-9
Other names 2,3-Dichloropyridine147.99;2,3-Dichloropyridine,99%;2,3-DICHLOROPYRIDINE 2,3-DICHLOROPYRIDINE;2,3-dichloropydine;2,3-Dichloropyridine ,98%;3-Dichloropyridine;2,3-DICHLOROPYRIDINE;2,3-dichloro-pyridinChemicalBook
Molecular Formula C5H3Cl2N
Molecular weight 147.99
Apperance White powder
purity ≥99%

Appearance:White to slightly beige crystalline powder
Molecular Weight:147.99
Boiling Point:192.5°Cat760mmHg
Melting Point:64-70℃
Flash Point:87.5°C
Storage Temperature:Keep container closed when not in use. Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.
Refractive index:1.553
Stability:Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.

2,3-Dichloropyridine is used as a reagent for the preparation of substituted 3-(5-membered heterocycle-carboxamido)pyridine derivatives for treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Also in the synthesis, crystal structure and biological activity of novel anthranilic Diamide insecticide with propargyl ether.