77591-33-4Top TB500 5mg per vial TB 500 peptide powder Thymosin Beta 4 Acetate CAS 77591-33-4

CAS No.:77591-33-4
Other Names:Thymosin beta 4 acetate
EINECS No.:1592732-453-0
Place of Origin:Hebei,China
Type:Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Brand Name:HBLD


 Thymosin beta 4 acetate

Thymosin is a hormone secreted from the thymus. Its primary function is to stimulate the production of T cells, which are an important part of the immune system. Thymosin also assists in the development of B cells to plasma cells to produce antibodies. In addition to its role as a major actin-sequestering molecule, Thymosin Beta 4 plays a role in tissue repair.