China 99% Pure Low Price Estradiol Powder CAS 50-28-2 and CAS 979-32-8 Estradiol Valerate // CAS 4956-37-0 Estradiol Enanthate // CAS 57-63-6 Ethynyl Estradiol

1.Estradiol valerate is the valerate of natural estradiol, which has the pharmacological effect of estrogen, can promote and regulate the normal development of female genital canal and side sexual characteristics, and participate in the regulation of the function of the ovarian axis.
2.For amenorrhea, menopausal syndrome, reduce milk secretion, prostate cancer, etc.

Name Estradiol valerate
Other name Delestrogen
CAS NO. 979-32-8
Molecular Formula :C23H32O3
Molecular Weight :356.5
Melting Point :144°C
Purity 99% Min