GS-441524 10mg 25mg 40mg tablets/powder/injection 1191237-69-0 for FIP Antiviral drugs

CAS No.:CAS 1191237-69-0                     
Other Names:GS 441524                             
Model Number:1191237-69-0                       
Density::1.84±0.1 g                                                 
Exact Mass::291.0968                             
Test Method:HPLC                                                                         
Place of Origin:hebei

GS-441524 for FIP

Please pay more attention to your cat’s body!!
This is a disease caused by a coronavirus in cats.
This virus is unique to cats and does not infect humans or other species.
Studies have shown that the compound GS-441524 can effectively prevent and treat feline coronavirus.
You have the chance to get effective Gs treatment to help our beloved animals get rid of this disease. 🐾

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Application & Function 
Gs-441524 is a small molecule, known as a competitive nucleoside triphosphate inhibitor, showing strong antiviral activity against many RNA viruses. Can inhibit the replication of several different types of RNA viruses, such as zoonotic severe Acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus, Middle East respiratory syndrome virus, Ebola virus, Lassa fever virus, Junin virus and respiratory syncytial virus, while showing low cytotoxicity in a wide range of cell lines.