Local Anesthetics Ropivacaine Hydrochloride CAS 132112-35-7

Melting point 267-269°C
alpha D20 -7.28° (c = 2 in water)
storage temp. 2-8°C
solubility H2O: soluble5mg/mL, clear
form powder
color white to off-white


Product Name: Ropivacaine hydrochloride
CAS: 132112-35-7
MF: C17H26N2O.ClH.H2O
MW: 328.88

Ropivacaine is a potent and reversible blocker of sodium channels in nerve fibers. In vivo, (-)-ropivacaine induces complete impairment of proprioception, motor function, and nociception in the hindleg of rats when 100 μL of an 8 mM solution is injected percutaneously into the sciatic nerve. (-)-Ropivacaine depresses myocardial contractile force in isolated rat hearts less potently than (±)-ropivacaine, as well as (-)- and (±)-bupivacaine (Item No. 16618). Formulations containing (-)-ropivacaine have been used as local anesthetics during surgery and childbirth.